Top List – Co sleeper crib attached to bed

Today I want to talk a little bit about co-sleeping and also review top bedside sleepers that attaches to bed. I love these things and used it for all three of my kids. I also know that a lot of people have mixed opinions about co-sleeping. A lot of moms that I have met in our meetings have heard some crazy facts involving increased risks of SIDS as well.

I would like to start this article by clearing the water immediatelly. By saying I co-sleep with my babies I mean that I share a room with them, not bed. That’s a big difference and I have noticed a lot of mothers who don’t understand that pediatrician warnings about increased SIDS are always associated with bed sharing. By using bassinets and cradles specifically designed to co sleep, you are completely safe and I would even stand by the fact that it should even be recommended.

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Before starting my top list of bedside sleepers, like always, I recommend you to visit Amazon listings to take a look at some of the best products by yourself, sometimes you will fall in love at first sight. Continue reading →

Best baby booties that stay on

So just today I was putting booties on my youngest baby for the fifth time back on, and I realized one thing – I am running in to the same problem for the third time in my life now! These things just come off all the time! And I know for sure that if you are reading this, then probably you are on a quest to find baby booties that won’t fall off. Continue reading →

Best pink and grey crib bedding sets

First of all.. I’m sorry for not writing for so long, but my friend Anne was just telling me yesterday about her times choosing a bedding set for a lightly painted room. And it was that moment I realized I have what to write here on Mom On The Rise again and kind of revive this blog from hybernation. 🙂

The room of Annes’ newborn baby girl is painted in a very light greyish – almost white – color with a subtle shade of pink. They already have a grey crib purchased and we both decided that pink and grey bedding set would be the best option here. Mainly to keep the room interior design simple, but with a pinch of that ‘baby feeling’ in elements of pink, which will mesh just so nicely with these kind of walls.

It wasn’t long after the decision was made until we were already sitting in front of her laptop checking out our beloved baby stores…huh.. What else would you expect from us? Continue reading →

Buying a stroller that folds into a backpack

Me and Jason have been thinking for quite a while that we need a more compact stroller for outdoor trips with our 8 month old daughter. We love long walks and I would even call myself a semi-hiker haha! Now finally I have decided to take a look at the market and see what it has to offer. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

We found strollers that literally fold into backpacks for sale. How cool is that? One of them actually holds a Guinness world record for the smallest stroller in the world after the effortless transformation into a backpack. We haven’t decided which one we will buy yet, but let’s see what I found. Continue reading →

Booster seat that attaches to table

I love these things! Never really understood why so many parents would never even consider buying a baby seat that would attach to a table or other structures. It’s just extremely practical, you can easily take one while traveling or to a restaurant if you don’t find comfort at home valuable enouh. And these highchairs aren’t that costly also!

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Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Booster seat that attaches to table

We personally love these Inglesina attachable chairs. They were offering multiple models and my last one is from 2015, which I think is exactly the same they are selling now. The difference between older and newer model that we have is that fabric extends to cover the bottom frame hooks which is a great additional safety future. Continue reading →

Best Baby girl crib bedding sets – cheap!

My colleague is a brand new mother – 6 months already! And I have to tell you that for the last 3 of those 6 months I have been listening to her about how much of a burden it is on your wallet to actually raise a child. It’s all ok and I have been through that as well but what really got me was last weeks’ conversation with Diana(the brand new mother) about a crib bedding set for her baby girl.

She proudly informed me that she spent $150+ for a baby bed linens. One set. She is a big fan of, you know… My instincts and experience in working at a retail baby store immediately kicked in and gave me inspiration to write an article about CHEAP crib bedding sets. For girls. This time 😉

All we should care about here is Quality, Fabric, how good a baby would feel in it, and aesthetics. And You realy don’t need $150 to buy that. In the end all these expenses really add up and we end up complaining about our life as a mother! Continue reading →

Cutest Coming Home Outfits For Baby Girl

So my friend Rachel is due in 2 months and last week she opened up to me about how worried she is about the way her baby girl looks when going home. I mean it could sound hilarious, but everyone who has been through that knows that when you are a new mother you sometimes really find yourself worrying about every little detail. So let’s talk some going home outfits for newborn girls today! I myself didn’t have a chance to choose one for my own loved one for more than 5 years already, but my close friends and family members were taking home babies recently and we sure did some talk about outfits and clothes for all our new little people in this world. Continue reading →