Buying a stroller that folds into a backpack

Me and Jason have been thinking for quite a while that we need a more compact stroller for outdoor trips with our 8 month old daughter. We love long walks and I would even call myself a semi-hiker haha! Now finally I have decided to take a look at the market and see what it has to offer. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

We found strollers that literally fold into backpacks for sale. How cool is that? One of them actually holds a Guinness world record for the smallest stroller in the world after the effortless transformation into a backpack. We haven’t decided which one we will buy yet, but let’s see what I found.

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GB Pockit Stroller

Stroller That Folds Into A Backpack

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GB Pocket stroller is the one holding the record for the smallest stroller in the world. And actually it was the only stroller that I found which doesn’t require a seperate bag to put it inside for a complete transformation into a backpack. It looks kinda weird when you pack it with wheels sticking outside, but oh well, we are not looking for the most beautiful stroller here, right?

Now what I noticed about these backpack strollers immediatelly is ¬†that you shouldn’t expec anything more from them. They are made for being small, compact and easy to take with you literally anywhere. Therefore, they will only be good for being super compact and lightweight. GB Pocket Stroller is no exclusion.

But from what I have read, it really is the best for its’ size. This is especially good if you travel often and use a plance. This thing can literally fit into overhead compartment. You can fit it in a grocery bag. That’s how small it is. And it has backpack straps incorporated so you don’t even need a bag for it.

It doesn’t have as much storage space as your everyday stroller and it also doesn’t recline. So it probably isn’t the best option for very small babies who can’t hold their head straight just yet. But otherwise it is definitely an amazing travel stroller.

Babyhome Emotion Stroller

Backpack Stroller

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Now if you aren’t looking for the most compact stroller in the world, then BabyHome Emotion stroller might fit you. It does fold into a quite compact size, but requires a seperate bag to carry it on your back as a backpack. It weights 13.2lbs compared to 9.5lbs of a GB Pockit stroller.

Where it wins over Pockit is storage space, seat DOES recline on this one and it does have a softer suspension apparently for a softer ride on bumpier roads. Both of these strollers are made of a really quality material, so neck-a-neck in this department. Both are sturdy enough.

To get a better idea of how a stroller turns into a backpack in a matter of minutes check out the video below.

In the end we thought out that the market could really offer much more, especially when talking about the style of an already folded stroller. GB Pockit is great, but the looks of it might really fend off some of us. But apparently it’s the only stroller in the market which doesn’t require a seperate bag, which is a massive plus! That’s why it is probably the product we will end up with in our hands.

Please leave a comment below if you ever faced the same problem and found or own a great product to fit our needs!

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