Best pink and grey crib bedding sets

First of all.. I’m sorry for not writing for so long, but my friend Anne was just telling me yesterday about her times choosing a bedding set for a lightly painted room. And it was that moment I realized I have what to write here on Mom On The Rise again and kind of revive this blog from hybernation. 🙂

The room of Annes’ newborn baby girl is painted in a very light greyish – almost white – color with a subtle shade of pink. They already have a grey crib purchased and we both decided that pink and grey bedding set would be the best option here. Mainly to keep the room interior design simple, but with a pinch of that ‘baby feeling’ in elements of pink, which will mesh just so nicely with these kind of walls.

It wasn’t long after the decision was made until we were already sitting in front of her laptop checking out our beloved baby stores…huh.. What else would you expect from us?

It didn’t really surprise us that it was enough to write pink and grey crib bedding set in Amazon search bar and we were presented with a massive list of bedding sets for baby cribs. Comforters, sheets, pillows, changing pad covers, literally everything that you would ever need to complete a bedding set for your little loved one…and all in grey and pink!

Click here to view a huge list of crib sets

That’s why I really recommend visiting Amazon product list and take a look at all these amazing products now.

NoJo Dreamer – Pink/Grey Elephant 8 Piece Comforter Set

pink and grey crib bedding

I really want to start this “best of” list with Elephant themed comforter set by NoJo Dreamer. Simply because the color of this picture really represents Anne’s room quite well and we think this particular set of colors looks great here. This set is quite big as well, includes 8 pieces of items in total. You will find two sheets, printed pillow – the form of this pillow isn’t actually one of an elephant, just a simple pillow with a printed elephant on it -, and a coral fleece blanket. Add changing pad cover to that, the thingy for stacking diapers, and even a dust ruffle! Quite a good value for money here.

A really nice set for light newborn nursery room and from what we could pick up online, the quality is top notch as well! The fabric is very soft, great for babies’ sensitive skins also. Color pattern is the same on the pillow, bedskirt and sheets, which just looks great. In general, most of NoJo bedding sets for toddler rooms looks amazing and leave a good impression. They also design great nursery decor!

Little Love by NoJo 5 Piece Comforter Set, Hugs and Kisses

5 piece comforter set for baby girl

Now if we just want to keep it very simple around your baby crib, but at the same time cute and cozy, I would really like to recommend one more set by NoJo. It’s only a 5 piece set that includes two fitted crib sheets, one comforter, a dust ruffle and just a little extra – a wire wall art. It’s a really simple bedding set, perfect for those who don’t really want to overcrowd their nursery room with bumpers, light shades, wall decors or other stuff.

The only extra here to your room is a little wire art, which I think is just cute and simple. A wire, shaped into a bigger heart and a smaller one. Nicely symbolic.

As for the bedding components – it’s made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. At first it could feel a little bit scratchy and not that soft to touch, therefore I really recommend to wash it with some softener first. After that the set will be ready to be put into the crib. You will feel that the fabric will be much softer and seemingly close to perfect for soft baby skin. The quality of this set is also top of the line, you won’t notice any loose threads or some irregular, uneven stuffing. Just an adorable and a well rated crib bedding set on Amazon.

Elephants Pink/Grey 10 pc crib set including Bumper Pad

Pink/Grey crib set

Yes.. I know.. Elephants theme again.. But this set is just too good to pass. One of the top rated bedding sets on the site with mostly 5 star reviews. Beloved not only for its’ great design and beautiful patterns, but for quality as well.

All of the pieces included in this set are made of 100% cotton – hands down the best fabric for bedding in my opinion. Why? First of all it’s a great material for sensitive skin of your baby. It’s not only soft, but is known to prevent allergies as well. Also, when compared to a fabric where polyester is mixed in, it’s much more breathable, making it the top choice for people in different types of climate zones.

This crib bedding bundle is basically an all-in-one package. It’s great if you feel that the nursery is still kind of empty and you really just want to give some kind a warm, fuzzy feeling to it for your loved one to feel comfortable and sleep well. It includes extras like valance, dust ruffle, diaper stacker, three pieces of Elephant themed art to hang on the wall and even a musical mobile for your newborn to play with. The musical box might be one of a few slight negatives of this set however, as you have to crank it and the music doesn’t really play for too long. You may want to invest in to a seperate mobile to go along with this set.

The other negative of this set that it only includes one piece of a comforter and crib fitted sheet. Aforementioned manufacturer NoJo usually includes two pieces of main crib bedding items – one of the reasons I like them. It just really makes your life so much easier when it’s washing time.

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