Perfect Paint Color for 7 Year Old Girls Room

Perfect wall paint color for a girlIt is definite that every parent wants to give their little one an incredible sleeping environment for give a good nights’ sleep. You can make your child’s bedroom lovely in many ways one of them being decorating it with some great painting. Well, when it comes to painting your girl’s room first of all you will have to consider her favorite color and patterns. Note that if you have no professional skills in painting it is advisable to get a professional painter to perform a perfect job. The paint ideas given below will help any parent looking for a perfect paint color for 7 year old girl’s room.

· Pink/Yellow/Green

Pink is always a great paint color for young girls but it is always best when combined with another color. You can have a bright shade of pink combined with a lighter paint of yellow, green or any other bright color that is favorite to your girl. If your girls’ furniture is dark colored the pink color will work perfectly to lighten up their bedroom.

· Blue/Green/White

Is your young girl the unusual girl that would prefer the blue color that is mostly considered as a color for boys? No problem at all, you can pair up blue color paint with another brilliant color paint to give your child’s bedroom a superb look. Blue paint can be beautifully lightened up with a white shade. Some different shades of green can also match well with blue paint to create a decorative look in your girls’ bedroom.

· Orange/Yellow/Red

Orange can be quite pretty color paint for your young one but not perfect if used all alone. You can blend it with some yellow or light rep paint will give your girl’s bedroom the most satisfying look ever. Orange with pink is also a cool combination that matches well with your kid’s white furniture or bedding.

· Purple/White/Yellow

Purple is quite ideal for giving your girl that royal feeling that will enhance her moods and give her a good nights’ sleep. Splashing an all purple paint on your kid’s bedroom wall may not result into the desired brightening effect. You can combine it with some yellow or white effects and decorations to give your girls’ room a fantastic thrilling look. A purple paint on a kid’s bedroom with black accessories can be a perfect match.

· Red/Pink

If your little girl is obsessed with the red color you can do her a favor of coloring her room red. However to ensure that the red paint doesn’t shout too much you can blend it with a pink shade that will neutralize it. This pink and red combination will be an all-time splash for any kind of furniture or bedding you bring into her room.

Well, now that you have these color ideas you can go ahead and give your little girl the joy she deserves. Get her favorite colors and bring out the most perfect bedroom decorations with the help of your professional painter. Note that you girls’ painting color idea can sound quite dramatic but it’s not to be ignored if it is all that will make them love their room.

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