Buying the right educational toy for your child

Toddler playing with toyFinding your footing in the world is not an easy task. This journey is one that all children have to go through for the first three years of their life. The toddler years is a period in one’s development when the greatest milestones in emotional, cognitive, and social development are achieved. You as a parent can make these formative years wholesome by purchasing educational toys for your toddler. Continue reading →

Why should you consider having more than one child?

Why should you have more than one child?

A child brings about fun, joy and loads of laughter to the family. When you get your very first child, the emotions that you go through can seem insurmountable and too much to handle. As the kid continues to grow older, they will most likely get tired of being at their parents center of attention thus prompting the need for another child. There are a number of reasons why you should think of having more than one child. Continue reading →