Importance of Music in Early Childhood

ImportanceOfMusicInEarlyChildhoodPeople tend to forget historical events, poetic words, and tasty food, but they rarely forget the musical tunes that touched their hearts. That is because music is the only form of art that all humans can interpret, and appreciate. It defines the culture of a particular people or era. For example, many people associate the 17th century in Europe with baroque music. Children also appreciate this art form. In fact, music is critical to the positive development of a child. Here are some of the reasons outlining the importance of music in early childhood.

Music is a means of enhancing a child’s creativity.

Children should tap into their creative side before they reach adolescence before moving on to adulthood. They should do so because early childhood is the only stage where almost everyone in society accepts their mistakes. They can bang on doors, tables, and chairs while trying to replicate the beats they hear. They can also mumble along to the songs as they try to sing along with a musical artist.

No one would find their actions silly or intolerable at this point so they keep on doing what they are doing until they perfect it or move on to something else. This culture of trying new things will stick with them throughout their lives. In contrast, children who start trying new things past their early childhood level often find resistance among their friends, teachers, and even parents. At this stage, the world starts teaching conformity so protect the creative nature of your kid by introducing him to music at an early age.

Music is a means of building emotional intelligence.

Children often have tantrums especially when they are young. They do not understand why you would not let them do what they want. This kind of irrational thinking is difficult to counter for many parents and if left unchecked, it often leads to a lack of emotional control in children as they approach adulthood. Music can change all of these things for you because it speaks to the heart and soul of anyone including children.

Hearing the tunes of a musical note allows a child to feel calm without anyone telling him to relax. He feels the need to keep quite so that they music plays on and that is a form of self-control. More importantly, the child feels as though he ought to learn how to play music or dance. It means that he will dedicate his time and effort to a positive thing that can lead to a unique skill set. This kind of attitude will build character in your child while allowing him an opportunity to develop a positive personality.

Music is a means of teaching tolerance and bringing people together.

People are interacting with cultures that are different from theirs constantly. At times, the values and customs of these new cultures may seem alien and repulsive to those who do not practice them. Music is the only form of cultural identity that is capable of building bridges between diametrically opposed cultures. You can teach your child to appreciate new cultures and even build bridges by simply introducing him to music from many parts of the world. Doing so will warm his heart. It will also make him appreciate other people who are different from him.

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