Why should you consider having more than one child?

Why should you have more than one child?

A child brings about fun, joy and loads of laughter to the family. When you get your very first child, the emotions that you go through can seem insurmountable and too much to handle. As the kid continues to grow older, they will most likely get tired of being at their parents center of attention thus prompting the need for another child. There are a number of reasons why you should think of having more than one child.

First off, another child will reignite the love and joy in your family. If you are two parents in the home, an additional child will definitely be something to be proud about. You will already have another child that this new arrival will look up to and learn from thus making parenting for a second child easier. The first child might get bored being the only little guy around and may often start getting into trouble and temper tantrums asking for another child. Often, these children do not know what they are speaking but the message always gets to the parents, kids love other kids in the family.

In terms of discipline, the younger child will have an elder baby to look up to and since the first child will have some discipline instilled inside them, they will grow to become more responsible and someone who can take care of their siblings with ease. As long as the first child has been brought up in the best way possible, you will not have to put much effort into raising the other kids. You will also have a happier family with more than one child as they can learn to interact with each other, solving their conflicts between themselves. With this comes peace of mind for you as a parent as you will not have to worry about where the other kids are.

Additionally, a family that is composed of more than one child will often stay strong and united. Thanks to years of conflicts, challenges, love/hate, joy, and other weird encounters, you will have established a form of culture which will hold your family firmly together thus making it last for much, much longer. This is definitely beneficial for the family as each and every person will have someone to look up to or someone that depends on upon them.

You should consider having more than one child when you are relatively sure about the future. A lot of things can come up in between that can cause you not to have that additional child. However, if you are sure about your ability to raise more than just one child, then the road will be much clearer for you. An additional child simply means more responsibility which comes with loads of fun and entertaining challenges. If you cannot handle the work that comes with extra children, then there are more avenues of obtaining a child such as adoption.

In conclusion, additional children will look up to your first child thus making your family be knitted more closely together and stronger than ever.

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