Cutest Coming Home Outfits For Baby Girl

So my friend Rachel is due in 2 months and last week she opened up to me about how worried she is about the way her baby girl looks when going home. I mean it could sound hilarious, but everyone who has been through that knows that when you are a new mother you sometimes really find yourself worrying about every little detail. So let’s talk some going home outfits for newborn girls today! I myself didn’t have a chance to choose one for my own loved one for more than 5 years already, but my close friends and family members were taking home babies recently and we sure did some talk about outfits and clothes for all our new little people in this world.

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Before we go on be sure to check all the offers available now on Amazon to get an idea of going prices and maybe you could actually find something that catches your eye immediately. Who knows, right?


Baby Be Mine Newborn Gown and Hat Set

Coming Home Outfits For Baby Girl

My sister got this last spring for her newborn girl. I loved it! I think it’s perfect fitting to take home your child in this during spring because of these colorful patterns. I will never forget the glorious sighting of my sister and her girl getting out of a car in front of her house during a colorful spring day. Everyone waiting for them was in awe.

What made it even better is that Baby Be Mine has a fitting nightdress for mothers with exactly the same pattern. You will not find any scratchy tags attached to it, it comes with a matching hat(which you might find too big actually! But I don’t think it’s a huge problem.), and all the openings are elastic, therefore it’s easy to do the duty of changing diapers early on. Now I can’t remember exactly what kind of material it is, but it was the only thing that wasn’t perfect about this outfit. It was kind of soft and nice for touch and baby’s skin, but it just didn’t feel like a quality-strong thing. It never let down my sister though and she used it for a few weeks at least. And in the end we are talking about the CUTEST going home outfit, am I right? 😉

Baby Newborn Take Home Outfit, Pink and Gold Dot Pants Hello World Set

Going Home Outfit

I personally had a chance to unpack this outfit just a few months ago as I was presenting it as a gift to my very close friend who was expecting a baby. It comes as a top onesie and pants. I could feel the quality the first second I opened the box. First of all, it’s made of 100% cotton, was feeling very soft and you kind of immediately knew that a baby would feel very well and cozy in it. There is one thing I sometimes hate about brand new clothes and…that is odor. I think it’s especially important when you are going to put a newborn baby into it as little ones can find foul smells irritating. But I noticed that this baby clothing set came literally without any odor.

The onesie has a nice ‘Hello World’ text, which could definitely fade away after multiple washings. In the end people buy coming home outfits and use them only a couple of times, so I don’t think it’s a big problem. I think it looks adorable enough to ignore small cons like that.

MowMee Baby-Girls Cotton 3D Rose Flower Newborn Petite Footie and Hat

Taking baby home outfit

Now if you are really thinking of buying something for a longer term than just a ride home or the first few weeks, then this rose onesie could be perfect for you. Even its’ smallest size is quite large for an infant, but I have seen my share of just-born babies and can say that they usually look even more adorable in larger rompers! I didn’t have a chance to touch this one personally but I have only heard good things about it. And again, I went through a lot of pages and baby shops just to find Cutest Coming Home Outfit for a GIRL, and I think these pictures justifies my decision to include this one in this post. Its’ rose colors, flower patterns and an interesting hat makes a really adorable onesie for a new girl in this world. A really girly I would say!

I would also like to link to another article for cutest coming home outfits for baby boy here.

Stephan Baby Girl’s Night Out Gown

First Ride Home Outfit For Baby

When I first found this gown I literally said out loud – Yes! This was something that I was looking for. I really wanted to add that one special beautiful garment that would be kind of ceremonial and highlight the happiness that our new loved ones are bringing to us. They really deserve that special first ride home and I think this onesie really delivers in that department.

Again, I didn’t touch this with my hands, but according to reviews on Amazon it is a really quality material and feels good to touch. Although I am not a fan of polyster, and this one is 100% Polyster, I will let it slide this time. Just because of how beautiful and cute it looks. I really think it could also be pretty enough for christening as well as a first ride home.

Candy Shop Kids Baby Girls’ Flower Onesie

From Hospital To Home Onesie For A girl

I have left my favorite for the end.  My niece had a chance to be cute in this one just last December. It was really cold in The Netherlands and we had to find something that would be soft, warm and cute all at the same time.

I can’t even describe this material for touch. It was just so soft and I would even call it fluffy. Soft cotton is a perfect match for babies’ delicate skin. It was perfect for winter time and my niece got multiple compliments even before leaving the hospital. Baby just looked adorable, although the hat was quite big for her size, but I have to say that Nikolette weighted 5.5lbs at birth, so…and I have to say that bigger hat was an additive for the cuteness.


Please feel free to comment and I would love to receive some pictures from you girls if your eyes caught a really nice outfit to take a baby girl for a first ride home from hospital. I would love to share it with all of us!

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