Cute coming home outfits for baby boy

Just last week we have been talking about outfits to take our newborn baby girls home, but I really don’t want to let proud mothers of just-born boys hanging. This time I made a list of cutest coming home outfits for our baby boys. I hope it will be helpful not only to our new parents but their friends as well because I think that these onesies are great baby shower gifts!

I really recommend you to check all available offerings on Amazon or other online baby shops before we start.

Noah’s Boytique Baby Boys Vest and Bow Tie Outfit Baby Suit

Coming Home Outfits for Baby Boy
My close friend bought this for her 2 months old newborn boy to wear at her sisters’ wedding party. It was a warm summer day and oh boy he looked adorable in this baby suit. It includes a bow tie and a vest to make it a perfect fit for a wedding party. He was the only man at that wedding to not wear any pants and still look solid! I added it to my list of coming home outfits as I really think it could be a really nice fit for this purpose as well if you think it fits your theme or want some cool, solid looking pictures of this important day.

100% cotton is a perfect fabric for a sensitive newborn skin and this particular onesie feels very soft to touch and well-made. I also like that a bow tie and vest is easily detachable for convenient washing.

Noah’s Boytique Baby Boys Newborn Coming Home From The Hospital Outfit

baby take home outfit
The body of this romper is exactly the same like the first one, just we have a tie and suspenders here insdead of a vest and bow tie. Again, quality and really super soft material makes it a quality choice.

I chose to add another design by Noah’s Boytique. Just so you know I’m not affiliated with them in any way but their designs are just gorgeous and quality is top notch. All of their outfits for newborns are hand-made in California by a small group of moms who just love their jobs. It’s always a good feeling to have something that is made with love and their baby jumpsuits are really just that!

Vitamins Baby 3 Piece Costume

Going Home Outfits for Baby Boy

This romper might be a perfect suit if you are looking to crack someone up. I think it could be a great baby shower gift for a football loving family that is expecting a child. I can guarantee you that father will approve it, not so sure about the mother though!

If football is not your choice, I see that they are offering other themes on Amazon as well, such as baseball, doctor and fake tuxedo!

Although made in China, I have went through reviews and apparently the quality of fabric is really not bad. Again 100% cotton, which is great. What I also love about this set is that it comes with a cute hat and adorale socks in package.


Newborn Baby Boy Short Sleeve Bodysuit

Take baby boy from hospital onesie

I love the ‘Ladies, I have arrived’ text on this design. A bit funny, adorable, self-confident all at the same time. I’m sure most will find this onesie perfect for a hospital photo shoot before going home with a newborn boy. Pictures like that will make a great memory for the future.

It is a very simple, casual romper/onesie for a newborn without any detachable parts for anyone who prefers exactly that. Made of full cotton it passes my standards, as my regular readers probably know that I think cotton is the best fabric for sensitive infant skin. I did read though that you should be careful about the size of this one as others found out that this particular set tends to be too big for their newborn loved ones. Choosing a smaller size is probably the way to go.

Gerber Baby Boys’ 2 Pack Zip Front Sleep ‘N Play

Bring Baby Boy Home

Now if a baby is born in a colder climate or during a colder time of the year we really should take a look at these outfits made by Gerber. A full body onesie with a feet section built-in guarantees that a baby boy feels warm, cozy and cool in these ones.

A really wide choice of color patterns and designs are offered so I would suggest you visit Amazon and take a good look at other options if you don’t really like the one pictured. Although I think a little car and green/blue combination is a great fit for baby boy.

It makes a great present for parents as well, as a zipper in this one really makes those dreadful diaper changes much more effortless. I have this long-sleeved onesie in a coming home outfits list, but this romper is great for playtime, bedtime or casual going out to the park day also. Again, newborn baby skin will love the full-cotton fabric!

Baby Be Mine Newborn Gown and Hat Set (Newborn 0-3 Months, Navy Hello)

jumpsuit for baby boy going home

Baby Be Mine offers some of the best quality garments for newborns, so I really couldn’t skip them and not have at least one of their designs in my list of going home outfits for baby boys. It’s more of a gown than a jumpsuit and therefore is really designed for newborns up to 3 months old babies.

Design makes it very comfortable for infants to wear because it doesn’t really restrict their movement, but you should really look for some different type of a onesie as a baby grows bigger and older than 3 months. It doesn’t take away its’ cuteness though and it is still a great outfit to take your baby boy home or present it to your friend as a baby shower gift.

No zippers or snaps incorporated, but elastic openings really makes mothers’ life as easy as possible and unwrapping a baby from this one is pretty much effortless. It’s Baby Be Mine, so of course you will find matching robes, nightgowns, pillow cases and whatever else you might want to make this set even more complete.

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