Best Baby girl crib bedding sets – cheap!

My colleague is a brand new mother – 6 months already! And I have to tell you that for the last 3 of those 6 months I have been listening to her about how much of a burden it is on your wallet to actually raise a child. It’s all ok and I have been through that as well but what really got me was last weeks’ conversation with Diana(the brand new mother) about a crib bedding set for her baby girl.

She proudly informed me that she spent $150+ for a baby bed linens. One set. She is a big fan of, you know… My instincts and experience in working at a retail baby store immediately kicked in and gave me inspiration to write an article about CHEAP crib bedding sets. For girls. This time 😉

All we should care about here is Quality, Fabric, how good a baby would feel in it, and aesthetics. And You realy don’t need $150 to buy that. In the end all these expenses really add up and we end up complaining about our life as a mother! Continue reading →