Buying the right educational toy for your child

Toddler playing with toyFinding your footing in the world is not an easy task. This journey is one that all children have to go through for the first three years of their life. The toddler years is a period in one’s development when the greatest milestones in emotional, cognitive, and social development are achieved. You as a parent can make these formative years wholesome by purchasing educational toys for your toddler.

What Toys?

There are loads of toys that can be used for educational purposes; but it is important to understand that not all of them will do the job equally well. Individuals learn differently and consequently a toy has to be matched to the specific needs of a given toddler. Generally, there are seven styles of learning. I have come up with a list of these learning styles and some toys that would provide the best educational value for Your loved one.

#1. Visual /Spatial Learners

These learners feed off pictures, images and space layouts to grasp the lesson being imparted. The best educational toy for such a toddler would be the use of coloring books.

#2. Aural Learners

These are also referred to as auditory/musical learners. They learn best when sound, rhyme or music is incorporated into whatever they are feeding their minds on. The best educational toy for such a toddler would be a musical instrument such as a toy piano.

#3. Verbal / Linguistic Learners

A person who learns best by verbally feeding on words, whether they are spoken or written. For a toddler, this works best when there is a role play involving verbal exchanges. The most suitable toy that would be a good fit for such a learner is an electronic toy such as a speak and spell toy.

#4. Physical/ Kinesthetic Learners

Physical learners use their hands or sense of touch to learn. They rely on physical sensations to learn and consequently rely on physical objects as much as possible to learn. For a toddler who is a physical learner building blocks/LEGO would be a perfect fit.

#5. Logical Learners

Such a learner prefers to use reasoning, logic or systems to process information. At a toddler’s level, the best toy that can be used is a model of a real-life object, model animals, for instance, are a good starting point.

#6. Solitary Learners

These are people who learn alone using self-study. For a toddler, who is inclined to learn in this manner, the best possible toy could be a puzzle that is designed for their level of comprehension.

#7. Social Learners

A person who is a social learner learns best in a group situation. The best educational toy for such a toddler is perhaps wooden magnetic building blocks that could incorporate more than one child in the play.

The above approach, when used to purchase educational toys, assumes that you have a fairly good understanding of the psyche of your toddler. This kind of approach ensures that the toy purchased is effective in making your child meet long-term social, emotional, and cognitive milestones that will make them adapt to any social context in the years that lie ahead of them.

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