Best Baby girl crib bedding sets – cheap!

My colleague is a brand new mother – 6 months already! And I have to tell you that for the last 3 of those 6 months I have been listening to her about how much of a burden it is on your wallet to actually raise a child. It’s all ok and I have been through that as well but what really got me was last weeks’ conversation with Diana(the brand new mother) about a crib bedding set for her baby girl.

She proudly informed me that she spent $150+ for a baby bed linens. One set. She is a big fan of, you know… My instincts and experience in working at a retail baby store immediately kicked in and gave me inspiration to write an article about CHEAP crib bedding sets. For girls. This time 😉

All we should care about here is Quality, Fabric, how good a baby would feel in it, and aesthetics. And You realy don’t need $150 to buy that. In the end all these expenses really add up and we end up complaining about our life as a mother!

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I went through Amazon to find some top rated bedding sets for baby girls’ cribs. Before we continue, I would like you to go through the listing on Amazon yourself and you might find some really surprising offers.

Bedtime Originals Lavender Woods 3 Piece Bedding Set

Baby Girl Crib Bedding Sets Cheap

Bedtime Originals have a lot of sets listed and I would say most of them have perfect price to quality relationship. I have put this Lavender Woods 3 piece set in the first place as my favorite one.  I would say that reviewers would agree with me as it seems that most of the parents were extremely happy with their purchase. I really love the color pattern and a fairy tale theme. Any baby girl would look adorable sleeping in this one! Its’ half cotton half polyester fabric is soft and cozy. A perfect solution for sensitive baby skin. Company also offers matching wall decors and appliques to create a perfect environment for your baby girl.

My Baby Sam Pixie Baby 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set

3-piece crib bedding set for girls

If Lavender color doesn’t really fit well within your imagined baby bedroom, I have added a bit more vivid Aqua & Pink bedding set to the list. Just like other companies, My Baby Sam offers literally everything you would need for your girls’ nursery if you want to create a single-themed environment. By saying ‘litterally everything’ I mean it. They offer rug, changing pad cover, valance, etc. Even Crib bumper! All in this ‘Pixie’ theme.

The bedding set is made of 100% cotton(In my opinion the best fabric for baby skin) and reviewers are mentioning that it just feels super soft and comfy to touch. What I like most about this set is that it doesn’t scream ‘Shiny!!!’ and really fits well in a neutral environment if you don’t have a colorful corner/room decorated just for nursery.

Disney Princess 3 Piece Comforter Set, Happily Ever After

Simple Pink Crib Bedding Set For Girls

Princess. This is what I thought when I saw this one. And it is probably my favorite one. I loved it so much I couldn’t pass on it. Includes a comforted, fitted sheet and dust ruffle.

Pink is the color that for me always associates with girls and if I would really aim to create a real girly and shiny environment for my baby girl I would definitely choose pink. The color in reality is not so pink as it looks on the picture though, it leans more towards a peachy color, but it still looks great and would bring a smile to every mother as she sees her loved one happily laying in a Disney Princess crib.

Trend Lab Ombre Gray 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set

Grey crib bed linens for girl

Now if you don’t necessarily look for a crib bedding set that would have colorful patterns fitting for a baby girl only, then I have this one for you. Neutral gray color, but very solid looking. My sister has it for her daughter and I love how it blends within her room. I really think that babies need this more calm and neutral environment sometimes as well. 100% cotton again, very well made and shouts out ‘quality’ when you see it. A solid set of bed linnens for a solid girl, right? 😉

Lambs & Ivy Crib Bedding Set, Yoo-Hoo, 4 Piece

Bedding Set With Animals

This one is not so shiny but extremely playfully looking set. Newborn babies just love details and images. They learn and understand the world through visualization and this set really delivers in that department. Baby girl will be kept busy and entertained during her non-sleep time exploring all the details this set offers. Elephants, crocodiles, giraffes and more! What else could you ask?

A quality bedding as well, feels durable and all the little details are not actually printed but individually stitched. Elephant ears actually flop over and has rattles in them! My husband saw this and said it definitely looks like a boys’ set, but it is listed as unisex and for me it would be really great set for any curious baby!

Sanrio Hello Kitty Cute as A Button 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set

Hello Kitty Crib Bedding Set

Can’t really let myself finish this list without a Hello Kitty set. Eveyrone knows that children just love this theme and I found this particular set super cute and adorable. I couldn’t find any reviews regarding the set but I think it could be worth a shot to order just based on impressions brought by the picture they have.

What I am not really sure about is that it is only 35% Cotton and 65% Polyester and you all know what I think about Polyester. But if you have a different opinion regarding the fabric then I wouldn’t see a problem here.

Again, I just wanted to go through Amazon and some other online shops to see if you really need to spend so much money for a crib bedding set and as you can see here, you really can find amazing, cute, adorable and beautiful sets for a much lower price. And most of these sets I have posted here today are actually of a really quality material, durable and perfect for a baby skin.

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