Best baby booties that stay on

So just today I was putting booties on my youngest baby for the fifth time back on, and I realized one thing – I am running in to the same problem for the third time in my life now! These things just come off all the time! And I know for sure that if you are reading this, then probably you are on a quest to find baby booties that won’t fall off.

No worries, I am on the same mission today. To go and do my favourite thing – online shopping for my baby. Yet again… Although I am extremely in love with these pink fleece booties that my 10 month old loved one has right now, they are warm, soft and have grippers – practictal – and they are just cute – aesthetical. Looks like I have some really importat checkmarks completed here. But is it really the best we could get? Are they really comfortable, if so, then why my Emma always pulls them off? Are they really that practical if you always have to take care of them? Not sure.

The good thing is that it’s not my first rodeo here, I already did search for stay on booties for my middle one before. I just completely forgot how not practical some of the footwear out there is for our babies and went with the nicest pair I could find for Emma this time. Mistake.

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Before we get started with my yet another ‘best of’ list, I would highly recommend visiting Amazon and take a look at some products and their reviews – particularly for stay-on shoes.

Zutano Unisex-Baby Newborn Cozie Fleece Bootie

best baby booties that stay on
I will start this list off by offering you something that I tried and know for sure. I had these in Gray/Orange colored pattern for Ben just few years ago and I know they are not only comfy, warm, but actually also do their job – stay on baby feet. I am sold on this snap closure thing. They have an elastic material that stretches very nicely, but I also noticed that Ben never actually tried to pull them off and never looked uncomfortable in them.

I know some of you might not find them good looking. But one thing is guaranteed – they don’t fall off easily. Zutano is also offering a lot of color patterns for them to choose from, I really recommend visiting their Amazon listing to check all of them out.

As for the quality. They are great! Made out of fleece and are really soft to touch on the outside, but inside they don’t have the texture to them, therefore baby feet will stay comfy and won’t get too warm, to the point of sweating. I did wash them quite a lot for Ben, and I have to say they are really durable. Very flexible as well, kind of takes the contours of a foot and adjusts. Has two snaps to secure them on and really just stays tight.

Goumiboots, Soft Stay On Booties

Soft Stay On Booties

I did spend some time to find some of the top rated and reviewed products and it seems these boots are the winners here. Extremely well sold and popular – must be something good!

Made of something really interesting – 70% bamboo-derived viscose and 30% cotton. Wasn’t sure how natural this material is, but upon some further research I found out that it is an antimicrobial fabric, that is also completely organic and soft. Multiple reviews said that it’s great anytime of the year, stays cool in the summer and warmer in winter.

To wrap around little feet tighter these Goumiboots use Velcro straps which I personally think is even a better option than snap fasteners. It is just easier to fix the boot in place and also these things guarantee flexibility as your little angel grows. That is, by the way, one of the selling points for these shoes – It grows with your baby! I like that line. 🙂

Girl & Boy Infant Fleece Slippers

Infant Fleece Slippers
I fell in love with these at first sight. Really cute little booties. But let’s not forget that we are shopping for something that our babies wouldn’t kick off so easily, and these fleece slippers actually do their job super well and have great customer reviews regarding this.

Just like Goumiboots, these booties use Velcro fasteners, not one, but actually two of them. But what really keeps them on is actually something that the other products on this list don’t have – elastic ankle straps. So simple, yet so effective. They are completely hidden also, which is practical and great for the looks.

I also have great news for those whose little ones are just starting to make their first steps in this world. Micro dots on the soles are great for that extra grip that is really helpful. Also, thanks to the ankle straps and Velcro fasteners these booties are really designed to fit like a glove and adjust to the fast growing pace of your baby.

One thing I really don’t like on these are the labels. They just seem extremely impractical and something that the baby would want to play with, which is completely unnecessary. I don’t know why would someone leave a label in that place on footwear for babies, but I am sure there must be an…uhm… some kind of solution to that? If you know what I mean!

These booties are full fleece, outside and inside as well. I always thought that it could be a problem if you are living in a very warm climate, on the other hand the cut of this fleece looks short enough to not cause too much of a problem.

Mummy’s advice

If you are really dealing with a real hudini wannabe, I always had a solution which is not perfect, but.. still a solution, I guess? Try looking for baby tights with stronger material around the feet and sole grips. These might work great as a substitute in some cases, but sometimes you really don’t want anything extra under onesie.

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